Friday, June 22, 2012

June 25,2012 First Day in School

歡(huān) 迎(yíng) 你(nǐ) 來(lái)!
Welcome to my summer class!

You're going to do the following during our summer session:

  • Learn & practice Chinese Pinyin, 
  • 學(xué) 會(huì)  中文拼(pīn) 音(yīn)    
  • Be able to type an essay in Chinese.
  • Writing story from pictures.                                                   看(kàn) 圖(tú) 作(zuò) 文(wén)                                            
  • Learn & memorize Chinese poems ,                                      讀(dú)背(bèi)  唐(táng) 詩(shī)                                             
  • Learn  & memorize  弟(dì) 子(zǐ) 規(guī) part.3  
Remember :
Bring in your laptop 
Bring your earphones
Please join us on first lesson!